Introduction to R for Biologists – POSTPONED

March 23, 2020 - 1-4pm
Melbourne Bioinformatics Boardroom, Ground floor, 187 Grattan St, Carlton


Introduction to R for Biologists – POSTPONED


Presenter – Jessica Chung

This introduction to R and RStudio will provide beginners with experience with loading, manipulating and visualising biological data using the tidyverse collection of R packages. The example data used is publicly available RNA-seq data, therefore attendees will gain experience in the structure and appearance of RNA-seq data.

This workshop has been developed collaboratively by training specialists at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and Melbourne Bioinformatics.

Learning objectives

By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • load tabular data into R
  • apply tidyverse functions to manipulate data in R
  • produce simple plots such boxplots using ggplot
  • understand and apply data faceting in ggplot
  • modify the aesthetics of a ggplot plot.

Prerequisites and Requirements

The workshop is aimed at bench biologists with no coding/programming skills.

This is a hands-on workshop and attendees must bring their own charged laptops to the workshop with the following software preinstalled:

  • access to Uniwireless/Eduroam
  • web browser (Firefox or Chrome recommended)
  • R (>= version 3.5)
  • RStudio


Feedback, 2019

Earlier in October I attended the Introduction to R for Biologists course. With a bit of delay, I wanted to say how much I liked this course! Thank you so much for delivering this fantastic course, it was really valuable for me.