Advanced Linux and Shell Scripting for biologists

October 31, 2019 - 1-5pm
Room 355, Arts West North Wing, University of Melbourne


Advanced Linux and Shell Scripting for biologists

This workshop is offered by Research Platform Services, and the trainer is Lev Lafayette.

Job submission scripts in Slurm allocate resources and computation in batch mode. Job submissions can be made more powerful and flexible with a working knowledge of shell scripting and more advanced Slurm commands.

This workshop covers advanced Linux commands, regular expressions and regex tools, various shells, the use of variables, loops, conditional statements, the incorporation of shell scripting knowledge in job submission scripts, and autogenerating scripts with heredoc.


Knowledge of basic linux commands is required prior to attending this course, and participants are strongly encouraged to attend the ‘Introduction to Linux and HPC for biologists’ workshop.


a) bring a laptop

b) If you have an MS Windows machine, install the SSH client PuTTY. (Linux and Macs do not require any action.)

c) join ‘punim0001’ using your Spartan account:

If you require any further information, please contact:

LAST RUN: May 28, 2019