Training and Events

Our experts have all been involved in developing and delivering workshops here and overseas for many years now. Workshops are delivered on-site or may be run in-house for your group. Many of the training materials were developed for use on the Australian-made Genomics Virtual Laboratory and these are used in our formal workshops and are also available for use to deliver your own workshops or for self-directed learning.

All upcoming workshops and events for building bioinformatics careers are listed below. Sign up to our newsletter for regular updates and also go to the EMBL Australia Bioinformatics Resource to select training options from listings worldwide. EMBL-EBI’s Train Online is also a terrific resource for self-directed learning.

There are Science Gateways webinars on a range of subjects of interest, including bioinformatics eg. iTasser, Python etc. Science gateways are online interfaces that give researchers, educators, and students easy access to specialised, shared resources that are specific to a science or engineering discipline. You can sign up there for regular updates.


We’re also interested to hear from any Melbourne precinct research group or individual researchers and students about training needs: please email the Communications Team with your suggestions or requests.


Most workshops are FREE for all researchers and students from the University of Melbourne and its affiliated research institutes.
For whole day workshops, a flat fee of $20 will be charged for catering. External participants are welcome.

Half day workshop

Students or Academics, University of Melbourne and affiliates: $0

Students or Academics, non-affiliates: $200

Industry/Government:                           $300

Full day workshop (morning/afternoon tea and lunch provided)

Students or Academics, University of Melbourne and affiliates: $20

Students or Academics, non-affiliates: $450

Industry/Government:                           $550

October 18, 2018 - 9.30am-12.30pm
Melbourne Bioinformatics Boardroom, 187 Grattan Street, Carlton, VIC 3053 Australia


Introduction to Galaxy and the Genomics Virtual Laboratory

This beginners tutorial will introduce Galaxy’s interface, tool use, histories, and get new users of the Genomics Virtual Laboratory up and running.

Galaxy is an open source, web-based platform for accessible, reproducible, and transparent computational biomedical research. It allows users without programming experience to easily specify parameters and run individual tools as well as larger workflows. It also captures run information so that any user can repeat and understand a complete computational analysis. Finally, it allows users to share and publish analyses via the web. (more…)

LAST RUN: June 20, 2018
NEXT SESSION: March 4, 2019

October 29, 2018 - 1.30pm-4.30pm
Melbourne Bioinformatics Boardroom, 187 Grattan St, Carlton


Containerised Bioinformatics: Docker and other tools for reproducible analysis

Containerisation is a method of bundling an application or pipeline with all its dependencies, from language runtimes like Python and R to the operating system itself. This technology has already revolutionised web development by providing a simple way to run web applications in a  precisely controlled environment, regardless of which computer system they are running on. This workshop will explain how these advantages can be easily applied to bioinformatics analysis, to ensure 100% reproducibility of your work, along with easy distribution of your pipelines to other users without the need for complex installation.


LAST RUN: March 21, 2018
NEXT SESSION: March 4, 2019