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Melbourne Bioinformatics offers a wide range of hands-on workshops which are designed to give participants the tools to apply bioinformatics techniques in their own research. Many of our workshops have been developed for use with Galaxy Australia while others focus on more specialised applications, but we also provide a solid grounding in fundamental data science skills. All of our workshops have been developed by our experienced bioinformatics experts, who can deliver them either on-site at Melbourne Bioinformatics, or in-house for your group. Our training materials are also available for use in your own workshops, for self-directed learning or for conducting your own research. All our upcoming workshops and events for building bioinformatics careers are listed below. See also these resources for researchers and students as recommended by the Parkville Bioinformatics Training Group. We’re interested to hear from any Parkville precinct research group or individual researchers and students about training needs: please contact us with your suggestions or requests.


All of our trainer-led workshops are FREE for researchers and students from the University of Melbourne and its affiliated research institutes. Due to the very high local demand and popularity of these workshops, we cannot accept external registrations. Registrants must use an institutional email address from the University of Melbourne or an affiliated research institute to gain admission to these trainer-led workshops. However, all the materials used in our workshops are freely available online and are designed to be used for for self-directed learning; click on the toolbox above to find the directory of materials. Something you’re interested in not showing up today? Study our list of regular workshops and contact us to register your interest in a particular workshop, and we’ll let you know when it is running next. Alternatively, follow us on Eventbrite to keep informed of all forthcoming workshops.

11 October 2023 - 1:30-4:30pm & 12 October 2023 - 1:30-4:30pm ADST


NOTE: This event is hosted by the Australian BioCommons.

RNA sequencing (RNAseq) is a popular and powerful technique used to understand the activity of genes. Using differential gene profiling methods, we can use RNAseq data to gain valuable insights into gene activity and identify variability in gene expression between samples to understand the molecular pathways underpinning many different traits.  

In this hands-on workshop, you will learn RNAseq fundamentals as you process, analyse, and interpret the results from a real RNAseq experiment on the command-line. In session one, you will convert raw sequence reads to analysis-ready count data with the nf-core/rnaseq workflow. In session two, you’ll work interactively in RStudio to identify differentially expressed genes,perform functional enrichment analysis, and visualise and interpret your results using popular and best practice R packages.  


22 November 2023 - 10am-2pm
21 Bedford St, North Melbourne, VIC 3051


QIIME2 analysis of bacterial 16s rRNA

This workshop will give you an introduction to the QIIME2 analysis platform using 16S rRNA amplicon data from coral-associated bacteria.

Workshop date: 22 November 2023 (more…)

LAST RUN: October 6, 2022