Bioinformatics Resources

For researchers and students. Curated by the Parkville Bioinformatics Training Group.

ResourceResource nameDescription
WorkshopsResearch Computing ServicesRegular Linux and HPC workshops.
Consultation/collaborationMelbourne BioinformaticsBioinformaticians are available to advise on research design, grant submissions, tools etc. This is a free service. Longer collaborations are via subscriptions.
NewsletterMelbourne BioinformaticsCollaborations with national and international training initiatives to deliver specialised webinars and additional workshops featuring subject experts.
WorkshopsMelbourne BioinformaticsExperts have been developing and delivering workshops for many years. Times and dates are advertised in University staff news, via the mailing list and the website training page.
Online training materialMelbourne BioinformaticsA rich repository of training material housed at Github which can be accessed for online self-paced learning.
Consultation/collaborationMelbourne Data Analytics Platform (MDAP)MDAP is a diverse team of data and software experts who collaborate with researchers to increase research capacity and impact across all disciplines. Skills include: high performance and cloud computing, natural language processing, machine learning, data analysis, data management and curation, image and video processing, virtual/augmented reality, and visualisation. Access via research collaborations, expert advice and short-term research projects.
CollaborationMelbourne Integrative Genomics (MIG)MIG is both an engine for innovative genomics research and a focal point within the Precinct for collaboration, conversation and education. They develop and apply innovative approaches to understand biological variation and function, and their roles in health and disease.
In-house supportPeter MacCallum Cancer Centre (PeterMac)Bioinformatics and Computational Biology at PeterMac includes Computational Biology research laboratories, Clinical Bioinformatics, the Bioinformatics Consulting Core and the Research Computing Facility. The Research Computing Facility provides education and training for researchers at PeterMac in bioinformatics, computing, statistics and data management.
ToolsWEHIWEHI has a bioinformatics division and many other labs conducting bioinformatics oriented research. Their website hosts a number of tools and resources, including their regular bioinformatics seminars open to all.
Seminar seriesWEHIWEHI staff can join the bioinformatics and computational biology mailing lists to keep up to date on seminars and other training events by contacting the Bioinformatics Divisional Coordinator.
In-house supportWEHIResearch Computing and ITS provide training for use of WEHI research computing systems.
Webinars and workshopsAustralian BioCommonsAustralian BioCommons delivers training events in partnership with Australia’s best universities and research institutions.
Downloadable list of links to resourcesParkville Bioinformatics Training Group recommendationsGeneral and discipline-specific resources, updated regularly.