Hi-Plex 2 just released: a simple and robust approach to targeted sequencing-based genetic screening

Hi-Plex was developed by our Molecular Biologist, Assoc Prof Daniel Park and Computer Scientist, Assoc Prof Bernard Pope, co-leads of our Human Genomics Group at Melbourne Bioinformatics, to simplify processes and reduce costs on projects needing targeted sequencing of panels of genes across large numbers of specimens. It brings greater efficiency and accuracy to all such research projects – big and small.

Go here for background to the original Hi-Plex. 

Hi-Plex 2, published July 2019 is suitable for an extensive range of clinical and research applications and is complemented by software for primer design and variant calling. It still enables a PCR-based target-enrichment system, unrivalled in terms of simplicity, accuracy and cost.

What improvements have been made?

By ironing out some problems incurred when working with bigger targets, Hi-Plex 2 now more effectively enables the robust construction of small-to-medium panel-size libraries while maintaining the low cost, simplicity and accuracy benefits of the Hi-Plex platform. Hi-Plex 2 returns substantial reduction of off-target amplification to enable library construction for small to medium sized design panels not possible using the previous Hi-Plex chemistry.

Contact the Hi-Plex team for information and collaboration enquiries from tech transfer, reagent design, methods, data analysis, including bespoke analysis pipelines.