Prostate Cancer Research project

2019 update:

Chol Hee Jung has been carrying out the quality control and processing of Australian data and the identification and analysis of genomic variants using various analysis pipelines on this major research project. He also handled the local management of data and organised data sharing with international collaborators.

Further funding

Preliminary investigations have contributed to the award of $4million over 3 years for the Australian PRECEPT Program funded by the Prostate Cancer Research Alliance, an Australian Government and Movember Foundation Collaboration. Lead investigator is A/Prof Niall Corcoran and Chief investigators include A/Prof Bernie Pope and A/Prof Danny Park from Melbourne Bioinformatics.

Project description

This project aims to reveal how the tumour progresses to lethal metastatic stages and the detailed view of tumour cells by integrated genomic and epigenomic variants analyses from cohort patients. A part of the work from this project also contributes to the international Pan-Prostate Cancer Group collaboration.

Project collaborators

Prof Christopher Hovens and A/Prof Niall Corcoran (project lead), Dr Ken Chow (sample information curation), Royal Melbourne Hospital

Prof Tony Papenfuss, Ms Jocelyn Penington, Dr Justin Bedo (analysis), WEHI

A/Prof Bernie Pope, Dr Chol-hee Jung, A/Prof Danny Park, Bioinformaticians and Mr Edmund Lau, Data analyst and manager, Melbourne Bioinformatics


This project is supported by an Australian Prostate Cancer Research grant awarded to Prof Christopher Hovens.