A/Prof Niall Corcoran, Clinician Researcher, Department of Surgery, The University of Melbourne



University of MelbourneLEAD INSTITUTE
Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical ResearchCOLLABORATOR
Cambridge University HospitalCOLLABORATOR
Cancer Sciences, University of ManchesterCOLLABORATOR
Dana-Farber Cancer InstituteCOLLABORATOR
Department of Medical Oncology, Monash HealthCOLLABORATOR
Ontario Institute for Cancer ResearchCOLLABORATOR
School of Medicine, Faculty of Health at Deakin UniversityCOLLABORATOR
School of Medicine, University of SydneyCOLLABORATOR
South Australian Health & Medical Research InsituteCOLLABORATOR
The Institute of Cancer ResearchCOLLABORATOR
South Australian Health & Medical Research InsituteCOLLABORATOR
Peter MacCallum Cancer CentreCOLLABORATOR
South West Warrnambool HospitalCOLLABORATOR
La Trobe UniversityCOLLABORATOR


3 year (2019-2022) $4m grant from the Prostate Cancer Research Alliance, an Australian Government and Movember Foundation Collaboration

This research program aims to:

  1. Develop a tissue and blood test that will predict the future risk of progression in men with prostate cancer at the time of diagnosis.
  2. Develop new ‘curative’ treatments in patients with high risk disease, starting with two clinical studies using novel agents to investigate if treatment effects can be improved.
  3. Develop new tests for DNA markers that predict how tumours will respond to treatment and using those results to help individualise patient treatment according to their specific tumour type to maximise treatment effect.

Danny Park, Bernie Pope and Chol Hee Jung are all working on the genomic aspects of this project.

For more information, see PRECEPT.