University of Melbourne MBP Users' Committee



Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and ImmunityCOLLABORATOR
University of MelbourneCOLLABORATOR
Melbourne BioinformaticsLEAD INSTITUTE
St Vincent's Institute of Medical ResearchCOLLABORATOR


Funded through the University of Melbourne MCRIP scheme


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Established with funding from the University of Melbourne’s Collaborative Research Infrastructure Program, this project aims to:

  1. provide timely access to bioinformatics expertise, including best practice in data lifecycle tools and platforms for bioscientists from the Melbourne precinct
  2. contribute to the development of and provide training in bioinformatics for end users
  3. provide advice about and access to high performance computing
  4. provide bioinformatics support to life scientists from the Melbourne precinct
  5. engage and liaise with EMBL-ABR to maximise awareness about national level activities in bioinformatics as well as engage with best practice approaches across a variety of aspects including data management, software tools and methods, computational platforms and bioinformatics expertise.

Throughout 2015/16 this project rolled out services across the precinct. From early 2017, the Committee agreed that with the evolution of the VLSCI into Melbourne Bioinformatics, that the Platform would evolve with VLSCI into Melbourne Bioinformatics too. All services and capabilities advertised on this site are now available to all precinct partners.


The Users’ Committee currently comprises:

Dr Craig Morton, St Vincent’s Institute for Medical Research (Chair)
Dr Neil Young, Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Science (Secretary)
Dr Jan Schroeder, Faculty of Engineering
Dr Alexandre Fournier- Level, Faculty of Science
Assoc Prof Daniel Park, Faculty of MDHS & Melbourne Bioinformatics
Assoc Prof Tim Stinear, Faculty of MDHS & Peter Doherty Institute
Dr Glen Carter, Faculty of MDHS & Peter Doherty Institute
Dr Daniel Buchanan, Faculty of MDHS

The Committee may be contacted through the Secretary, Neil Young.