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NCRIS funded via Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC) and Bioplatforms Australia

Australian biology researchers are tackling key challenges in areas from cancer research to improved agricultural crops, but these require them to work with an ever expanding array of leading-edge digitally enabled bioinformatics research techniques. The Australian BioCommons Bring Your Own Data (BYOD) Expansion Project will integrate data-generating instruments across genomics, proteomics and metabolomics, enhance accessibility to high-priority reference data, and manage access to data stores and compute infrastructures. The platform will support web and command-line access, expand access to Galaxy Australia and improve data transfer from instruments to analytics.

  • Web-based bioinformatics workbenches
    Online access to best-practice life science tools, workflows, data and training, underpinned by compute and managed storage
  • Command line for life scientists
    Community curated life science workflows, tools, training and support across Australian command line infrastructures
  • Data infrastructure for life scientists
    Making it easier for life scientists to access, analyse, visualise and share data coming from data generating facilities, or generated by research consortia.

For more information, see Australian BioCommons.