Prof Andrew Lonie

Prof Andrew Lonie

Director, Australian BioCommons & Senior Advisor, Melbourne Bioinformatics

+61 3 8344 1395

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  • BSc(Hons) University of Adelaide 1990 [Biochemistry]
  • PhD University of Adelaide 1994 [Molecular Genetics]



Current Grants

NHMRC APP1047581
Hovens C, Corcoran N, Haviv I, Kowalczyk A, Lonie A, Macintyre G, Neal D, Costello T, Pedersen J
Role: CIE; $672,431 (2013-2015)
The origin of lethal metastatic prostate cancer

National eCollaboration and Tools and Resources – Virtual Laboratories Program
Lonie A
Role: CIA; $700,000 (2014-2015)
Data intensive collaboration on the Genomics Virtual Laboratory

Cancer Australia APP1047347
Southey MC, Goldgar DE, Park DJ, Lonie A, Winship I, Simpon P, Lakhani S.
Role: CIE; $300,000 (2013-2015)
High Risk Genes for Lobular Breast Cancer

Cancer Australia APP1066612
Park, D., Pope, B., Nguyen-Dumont, T., Waring, P., Taylor, G., Lonie, A.
Role: CIF; $300,000 (2014-16)
Mouse phenotype-driven breast cancer risk gene discovery


Top publications focussed on development and implementation of bioinformatics and computational biology methodologies and platforms.             

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