MSc Students

Many MSc (Bioinformatics) students have undertaken their research projects under the direct supervision of Melbourne Bioinformatics researchers, putting them in an enviable position for entry into industry, research or a PhD.

StudentPrimary supervisorMelbourne Bioinformatics supervisorsThesis topicYear completed
Chuyi WangDanny ParkDanny Park; Khalid MahmoodProtein structure features for variant effect predictioncurrent
Difei HuangBernie PopeBernie PopeCan tumour-in-normal contamination detect circulating tumour DNA and does it relate to cancer outcomes?current
Jean HoBernie PopeBernie PopeExploring rare brain metastasic genome somatic variant structure with common brain metastasiscurrent
Pengan ZhangDanny ParkDanny Park; Khalid MahmoodProtein structures data augmentationcurrent
Ruixin CaiTom HarropTom HarropTechniques for cross-species RNA seq analysiscurrent
Ruofei JiangDanny ParkDanny Park; Khalid MahmoodExploring the relationship between neoantigens and immune microenvironment in cutaneous melanomacurrent
Sangzhe GuChol-hee JungChol-hee JungAssessing the effects of incorrect metadata to the analysis of DNA methylation with the focus on the sex-labellingcurrent
Shijia TangDanny ParkDanny Park; Khalid MahmoodAnti-PD1 IT in melanoma outcomescurrent
Yuanjie WangDanny ParkDanny Park; Khalid MahmoodProtein structural features for variant effect predictioncurrent
Farjana AkhterDanny ParkDanny Park; Khalid MahmoodImmune involvement in ductal and lobular breast cancer2022
Kewei YuanBernie PopeBernie PopeAssessing the effect of somatic mutations in cancer using reverse phase protein arrays2022
Raquel CooperDieter BulachDieter BulachEstablishment of in silico virulence factor assays for use in Public Health Microbiology2022
Senyang XueDanny ParkDanny Park; Khalid MahmoodTumour microenvironment and cancer outcomes2022
Dafei LinBernie PopeBernie PopeAssessing the effect of pseudogenes on DNA sequencing alignment and variant calling in human cancer2021
Dongyu LiChol-hee JungChol-hee JungExploration of multi-omics prostate cancer data2021
Jiayi LiuChol-hee JungChol-hee JungComprehensive survey of sex status of public DNA methylation datasets2021
Jiayu WangBernie PopeBernie PopeAssessing the quality of structural variants in the context of DNA read alignments2021
Maria OrlovskayaDanny ParkDanny Park; Khalid MahmoodMutation effect prediction for clinical diagnostics and disease gene discovery2021
Patrick HawkinsDanny ParkDanny Park; Khalid MahmoodCancer Outcomes Related to Viral Agents, the Immune System, and the Tumour Microenvironment2021
Yizhe MaoDanny ParkDanny Park; Khalid MahmoodTCGA and Immune system2021
Alexander BarnettDanny ParkKhalid MahmoodTowards personalized cancer vaccines: modeling HLA:neoepitope binding2020
Emma DarlingDanny ParkDanny Park; Khalid MahmoodImproved mutation effect prediction via functional datasets2020
Peizi ChenDanny ParkDanny Park; Khalid MahmoodSomatic mutations in mismatch repair genes: an investigation using TCGA2020
Qiwei HuDieter BulachDieter BulachMetagenomics approaches to the detection of bacterial antimicrobial resistance genes2020
Sally BeardMatt WakefieldMatt WakefieldInvestigation of pregnancy complications: bioinformatics for therapeutic development2020
Caine BarlowTom MayJessica ChungAn examination of herbarium and community species distribution data to assess the threat status of a range of Australian fungi based on the IUCN red list criteria2019
Himanshi AroraVicky PerreauVicky PerreauUse of transcriptomic data and interaction networks to gain insight into addiction pathways for the prospect of future personalised medicine strategies.2019
Mailie GallPaul JamesBernie PopeCopy number variation in Familial Colorectal Cancer Type X2019
Steven MorganTara KarnezisBernie Pope; Danny Parkidentification of genetic variants associated with Lipodema project2019
Tianyi LuDanny ParkDanny Park; Khalid MahmoodTowards cost-efficient HLA sequencing screening2019
Yuchuan LiuJudy SavigeKhalid MahmoodThe genetics of inherited renGenetics of fibrillary glomerulonephritis2019
Jianan WangJudy SavigeDanny ParkIdentification of novel genes for inherited causes of kidney failures2018
Jonathan ReichJuan Nunez-IglesiasJuan Nunez-Iglesias; Torsten SeemannAccelerating the reconstruction of brain circuits with big image analysis2017
Muhammad DilmirKhalid MahmoodKhalid Mahmood; Bernie PopeA framework for prioritizing genomic variants and disease genes in lobular breast cancer 2017
Dong Hao TengJuan Nunez-IglesiasJuan Nunez-IglesiasInteractive clustering of high-content screen images with Microscopium2016
Priyanka PillaiSepehr TabriziDieter BulachA Whole Metagenome Sequencing approach for the investigation of the onset of bacterial vaginosis2016
Adrian HeckerKaylene SimpsonJuan Nunez-IglesiasUnsupervised clustering of high-content screen images to discover off-target phenotypes2015
Agnes TanSepehr TabriziGayle PhilipChanges in microbial communities upon onset of Bacterial Vaginosis2015
Serene SiahTorsten SeemannTorsten SeemannGenomic analysis of a novel marine mycobacterium2014
Yu WanChol-hee JungChol-hee JungBreast cancer epigenome-wide association study2014
Lilly YuenDieter BulachDieter BulachA next generation sequencing approach for the detection of drug resistant hepatitis B virus in the clinical setting2013