Research Publications

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The following publications resulted from collaborations with VLSCI (now Melbourne Bioinformatics) experts as reported to the end 2016:

Afgan, E., Lonie, A., Taylor, J., Skala, K. and Goonasekera, N., 2016, May. Architectural models for deploying and running virtual laboratories in the cloud. In Information and Communication Technology, Electronics and Microelectronics (MIPRO), 2016 39th International Convention on (pp. 282-286). IEEE.

Baglietto, L., Ponzi, E., Haycock, P., Hodge, A., Bianca Assumma, M., Jung, C.H., Chung, J., Fasanelli, F., Guida, F., Campanella, G. and Chadeau‐Hyam, M., 2017. DNA methylation changes measured in pre‐diagnostic peripheral blood samples are associated with smoking and lung cancer risk. International Journal of Cancer140(1), pp.50-61.

Baines, S.L., Howden, B.P., Heffernan, H., Stinear, T.P., Carter, G.P., Seemann, T., Kwong, J.C., Ritchie, S.R. and Williamson, D.A., 2016. Rapid emergence and evolution of Staphylococcus aureus clones harboring fusC-containing staphylococcal cassette chromosome elements. Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy60(4), pp.2359-2365.

Boritsch, E.C., Khanna, V., Pawlik, A., Honoré, N., Navas, V.H., Ma, L., Bouchier, C., Seemann, T., Supply, P., Stinear, T.P. and Brosch, R., 2016. Key experimental evidence of chromosomal DNA transfer among selected tuberculosis-causing mycobacteria. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences113(35), pp.9876-9881.

Buultjens, A.H., Lam, M.M., Ballard, S., Monk, I.R., Mahony, A.A., Grabsch, E.A., Grayson, M.L., Pang, S., Coombs, G.W., Robinson, J.O. and Seemann, T., 2016. Evolutionary origins of the emergent ST796 clone of vancomycin resistant Enterococcus faecium (No. e2562v1). PeerJ Preprints.

Carter, G.P., Buultjens, A.H., Ballard, S.A., Baines, S.L., Tomita, T., Strachan, J., Johnson, P.D., Ferguson, J.K., Seemann, T., Stinear, T.P. and Howden, B.P., 2016. Emergence of endemic MLST non-typeable vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus faeciumJournal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, p.dkw314.

Caruana, N.J., Cooke, I.R., Faou, P., Finn, J., Hall, N.E., Norman, M., Pineda, S.S. and Strugnell, J.M., 2016. A combined proteomic and transcriptomic analysis of slime secreted by the southern bottletail squid, Sepiadarium austrinum (Cephalopoda). Journal of Proteomics148, pp.170-182.

Doo, N.W., Makalic, E., Schmidt, D., Joo, J.E., Jung, C.H. and Giles, G.G., 2016. Aberrant DNA Methylation Patterns in Peripheral Blood Are Detectable Years before the Diagnosis of Mature B Cell Neoplasms.

Dugué, P.A., Brinkman, M.T., Milne, R.L., Wong, E.M., FitzGerald, L.M., Bassett, J.K., Joo, J.E., Jung, C.H., Makalic, E., Schmidt, D.F. and Park, D.J., 2016. Genome-wide measures of DNA methylation in peripheral blood and the risk of urothelial cell carcinoma: a prospective nested case–control study. British Journal of Cancer.

Dugué, P.A., English, D.R., MacInnis, R.J., Jung, C.H., Bassett, J.K., FitzGerald, L.M., Wong, E.M., Joo, J.E., Hopper, J.L., Southey, M.C. and Giles, G.G., 2016. Reliability of DNA methylation measures from dried blood spots and mononuclear cells using the HumanMethylation450k BeadArray. Scientific Reports6.

Goonasekera, N., Lonie, A., Taylor, J. and Afgan, E., 2016, July. CloudBridge: a Simple Cross-Cloud Python Library. In Proceedings of the XSEDE16 Conference on Diversity, Big Data, and Science at Scale (p. 37). ACM.

Gorrell, R.J., Zwickel, N., Reynolds, J., Bulach, D. and Kwok, T., 2016. Helicobacter pylori CagL hypervariable motif: a global analysis of geographical diversity and association with gastric cancer. Journal of Infectious Diseases, p.jiw060.

Gouillart, E., Nunez-Iglesias, J. and van der Walt, S., 2017. Analyzing microtomography data with Python and the scikit-image library. Advanced Structural and Chemical Imaging2(1), p.18.

Griffin, P.C., Hangartner, S.B., Fournier-Level, A. and Hoffmann, A.A., 2016. Genomic Trajectories to Desiccation Resistance: Convergence and Divergence Among Replicate Selected Drosophila Lines. Genetics, pp.genetics-116.

Hall, N.E., Hanzak, J., Allcock, A.L., Cooke, I.R., Ogura, A. and Strugnell, J.M., 2016. The complete mitochondrial genome of the pygmy squid, Idiosepius (Cephalopoda: Decapodiformes): the first representative from the family Idiosepiidae. Mitochondrial DNA Part A27(1), pp.5-6.

Hasmad, H.N., Lai, K.N., Wen, W.X., Park, D.J., Nguyen-Dumont, T., Kang, P.C.E., Thirthagiri, E., Ma’som, M., Lim, B.K., Southey, M. and Woo, Y.L., 2016. Evaluation of germline BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations in a multi-ethnic Asian cohort of ovarian cancer patients. Gynecologic oncology141(2), pp.318-322.

Jung, C.H., Kim, K.J., Kim, B.Y., Kim, C.H., Kang, S.K. and Mok, J.O., 2016. Relationship between vitamin D status and vascular complications in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. Nutrition Research36(2), pp.117-124.

Kpeli, G., Otchere, I.D., Lamelas, A., Buultjens, A., Bulach, D., Baines, S.L., Seemann, T., Giulieri, S., Nakobu, Z., Aboagye, S.Y. and Owusu-Mireku, E., 2016. Possible healthcare-associated transmission as a cause of secondary infection and population structure of Staphylococcus aureus isolates from two wound treatment centres in Ghana. New microbes and new infections13, pp.92-101.

Kwong, J.C., da Silva, A.G., Dyet, K., Williamson, D.A., Stinear, T.P., Howden, B.P. and Seemann, T., 2016. NGMASTER: in silico multi-antigen sequence typing for Neisseria gonorrhoeaeMicrobial Genomics2(8).

Kwong, J.C., Mercoulia, K., Tomita, T., Easton, M., Li, H.Y., Bulach, D.M., Stinear, T.P., Seemann, T. and Howden, B.P., 2016. Prospective whole-genome sequencing enhances national surveillance of Listeria monocytogenesJournal of clinical microbiology54(2), pp.333-342.

Kwong, J.C., Stafford, R., Strain, E., Stinear, T.P., Seemann, T. and Howden, B.P., 2016. Sharing is caring: international sharing of data enhances genomic surveillance of Listeria monocytogenes. Clinical Infectious Diseases, p.ciw359.

Lawrence, S.L., Gorman, M.A., Feil, S.C., Mulhern, T.D., Kuiper, M.J., Ratner, A.J., Tweten, R.K., Morton, C.J. and Parker, M.W., 2016. Structural Basis for Receptor Recognition by the Human CD59-Responsive Cholesterol-Dependent Cytolysins. Structure24(9), pp.1488-1498.

Lee, J.Y., Monk, I.R., Pidot, S.J., Singh, S., Chua, K.Y., Seemann, T., Stinear, T.P. and Howden, B.P., 2016. Functional analysis of the first complete genome sequence of a multidrug resistant sequence type 2 Staphylococcus epidermidisMicrobial Genomics2(9).

Lonsdale, A., Penington, J.S., Rice, T., Walker, M. and Dashnow, H., 2016. Ten simple rules for a bioinformatics journal club. PLoS computational biology12(1), p.e1004526.

MacInnis, R.J., Schmidt, D.F., Makalic, E., Severi, G., FitzGerald, L.M., Reumann, M., Kapuscinski, M.K., Kowalczyk, A., Zhou, Z., Goudey, B. and Qian, G., 2016. Use of a Novel Nonparametric Version of DEPTH to Identify Genomic Regions Associated with Prostate Cancer Risk. Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention Biomarkers.

Miles, M.A., Shekhar, T.M., Hall, N.E. and Hawkins, C.J., 2016. TRAIL causes deletions at the HPRT and TK1 loci of clonogenically competent cells. Mutation Research/Fundamental and Molecular Mechanisms of Mutagenesis787, pp.15-31.

Moffatt, C.R.M., Greig, A., Valcanis, M., Gao, W., Seemann, T., Howden, B.P. and Kirk, M.D., 2016. A large outbreak of Campylobacter jejuni infection in a university college caused by chicken liver pâté, Australia, 2013. Epidemiology and infection, pp.1-8.

Mofiz, E., Holt, D.C., Seemann, T., Currie, B.J., Fischer, K. and Papenfuss, A.T., 2016. Genomic resources and draft assemblies of the human and porcine varieties of scabies mites, Sarcoptes scabiei var. hominis and var. suisGigaScience5(1), p.23.

Mofiz, E., Seemann, T., Bahlo, M., Holt, D., Currie, B.J., Fischer, K. and Papenfuss, A.T., 2016. Mitochondrial genome sequence of the scabies mite provides insight into the genetic diversity of individual scabies infections. PLoS Negl Trop Dis10(2), p.e0004384.

Monk, I.R., Seemann, T., Howden, B.P. and Stinear, T.P., 2016. Refutation: Structure and mechanism of the essential two-component signal-transduction system WalKR in Staphylococcus aureus. bioRxiv, p.058842.

Ng, A.C., Poudel, G., Stout, J.C., Churchyard, A., Chua, P., Egan, G.F. and Georgiou-Karistianis, N., 2016. Iron accumulation in the basal ganglia in Huntington’s disease: cross-sectional data from the IMAGE-HD study. Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry87(5), pp.545-549.

Nor, B., Young, N.D., Korhonen, P.K., Hall, R.S., Tan, P., Lonie, A. and Gasser, R.B., 2016. Pipeline for the identification and classification of ion channels in parasitic flatworms. Parasites & vectors9(1), p.155.

Page, A.J., Steinbiss, S., Taylor, B., Seemann, T. and Keane, J.A., 2016. {GFF} 3toEMBL: Preparing annotated assemblies for submission to {EMBL}. The Journal of Open Source Software1(6).

Page, A.J., Taylor, B., Delaney, A.J., Soares, J., Seemann, T., Keane, J.A. and Harris, S.R., 2016. SNP-sites: rapid efficient extraction of SNPs from multi-FASTA alignments. Microbial Genomics2(4).

Park, D.J., Li, R., Lau, E., Georgeson, P., Nguyen-Dumont, T. and Pope, B.J., 2016. UNDR ROVER-a fast and accurate variant caller for targeted DNA sequencing. BMC bioinformatics17(1), p.165.

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Wakefield, M.J., 2016. SurvivalVolume: interactive volume threshold survival graphs. Journal of Open Source Software, 1(8).

Wakefield, M.J., 2016. Xenomapper: Mapping reads in a mixed species context. Journal of Open Source Software, 1(1).

Whitelaw, B.L., Strugnell, J.M., Faou, P., da Fonseca, R.R., Hall, N.E., Norman, M., Finn, J. and Cooke, I.R., 2016. Combined transcriptomic and proteomic analysis of the posterior salivary gland from the southern blue-ringed octopus and the southern sand octopus. Journal of proteome research15(9), pp.3284-3297.

Wong, N.C., Pope, B.J., Candiloro, I.L., Korbie, D., Trau, M., Wong, S.Q., Mikeska, T., Zhang, X., Pitman, M., Eggers, S. and Doyle, S.R., 2016. MethPat: a tool for the analysis and visualisation of complex methylation patterns obtained by massively parallel sequencing. BMC bioinformatics17(1), p.98.

The following publications resulting from collaborations with VLSCI (now Melbourne Bioinformatics) experts were reported to the end 2015:

Ablordey, A. S., Vandelannoote, K., Frimpong, I. A., Ahortor, E. K., Amissah, N. A., Eddyani, M., Durnez, L., Portaels, F., de Jong, B. C., Leirs, H., Porter, J. L., Mangas, K. M., Lam, M. M. C., Buultjens, A., Seemann, T., Tobias, N. J. & Stinear, T. P. Whole genome comparisons suggest random distribution of Mycobacterium ulcerans genotypes in a Buruli ulcer endemic region of Ghana. PLoS Negl. Trop. Dis. 9, e0003681 (2015).

Afgan, E., Krampis, K., Goonasekera, N., Skala, K. & Taylor, J. Building and provisioning bioinformatics environments on public and private Clouds. in 2015 38th International Convention on Information and Communication Technology, Electronics and Microelectronics (MIPRO) 223–228 (IEEE).

Afgan, E., Sloggett, C., Goonasekera, N., Makunin, I., Benson, D., Crowe, M., Gladman, S., Kowsar, Y., Pheasant, M., Horst, R. & Lonie, A. Genomics Virtual Laboratory: A Practical Bioinformatics Workbench for the Cloud. PLoS One 10, e0140829 (2015).

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