Research and Infrastructure Grants

Past and present grant successes for Melbourne Bioinformatics researchers (highlighted in bold).


InvestigatorsProjectFunding sourceAmount (AUD)StartEnd
Peter Meikle (PI), Gemma Figtree, Andrew Lonie, Bernard Pope, Andrew Gilbert, Clare Bernard, Ashok Krishnamurthy, Dianna Magliano, Guy Krippner, Jean Yang, Anthony Keech, Steven Manos, Rhys Francis, Angela Webster, and Robert GrossmanBuilding an Australian cardiovascular disease data commonsMedical Research Future Fund$2.9M20232027
Christopher Hovens, Kate Drummond, Niall Corcoran, Bernard Pope and Stan StylliThe Genetic Drivers of Brain MetastasesCASS Foundation$65k20222023
Anis Hamid, Ian Davis, Christopher Sweeney, Arun Azad, Ben Tran, Shahneen Sandhu, Chris Hovens, Niall Corcoran, Bernard Pope, Chol-hee Jung and Yi SunMEMENTO: Biomarker discovery in metastatic hormone sensitive prostate cancerBelow The Belt Research Fund, Australia and New Zealand Urogenital and Prostate Cancer Trials Group$50k20212023
Khalid Mahmood, Ingrid Winship, Daniel Buchanan, Peter Georgeson, Emma Barrance, Natalie Diepenhorst and Julie TonerWhat can tumour mutational signatures tell us about the cause of familial colorectal cancer?Cancer Council Victoria$200k20212023
Niall Corcoran, Paul Boutros, Robert Bristow, Margaret Centenera, Ian Collins, Rosalind Eeles, Vanessa Hayes, Chris Havens, Maarten ljzerman, Anthony Papenfuss, Belinda Parker, Daniel Park, Bernard Pope, Chris Sweeney and Ben TranPRECEPT – Prostate Cancer Prognosis and TreatmentMedical Research Future Fund and Movember Foundation$5.3M20192023
Andrew LonieAustralian BioCommonsNCRIS via Bioplatforms Australia$20M20192023
Christopher Hovens, Niall Corcoran, Daniel Park and Anthony CostelloThe genomic drivers of high risk prostate cancerNHMRC$595k20192022
Bernard PopeTranslating genomics-driven bioinformatics into improved prevention and treatment of colorectal cancerVictorian Health and Medical Research Fellowship, Department of Health and Human Services, Victoria$800k20172022


InvestigatorsProjectFunding sourceAmount (AUD)StartEnd
Jeremy Goecks, Nuwan Goonasekera and Enis AfganExtending Galaxy for Large-scale and Integrative Biomedical AnalysesChan Zuckerberg Initiative$190k USD20212021
Tim Stinear, Christopher Mcdevitt and Torsten Seemann Essential gene regulation in multi-drug resistant Golden Staph: a new path towards controlNHMRC$795k20182021
Tim Stinear and Torsten SeemannUnderstanding virulence of invasive Staphylococcus aureusNHMRC$784k20182020
Bernard PopeUsing structural homology prediction to improve functional annotation of biologically important proteomesAmazon AWS Cloud Credits for Research Program$20k USD20172017
Daniel Buchanan, Ingrid Winship, Amanda Spurdle, Aung Ko Win, Bernard Pope, Christophe Rosty and Finlay MacraeExpanding diagnostic approaches for Lynch syndromeNHMRC$1.3M20172020
Justin Zobel, Michael Parker, Andrew Ooi, Richard Sandberg, Andrew Lonie, Salvy Russo, Toby Allen, Irene Yarovsky, Tiffany Walsh, John Grundy, Maria Forsyth and Brian Smith
A high-performance cloud resource for computational modellingARC$635k20172017
Peter Cowan et al (including Matthew Wakefield)Genetic modification to protect pig islets from T cell-mediated xenogeneic rejectionJRDF$675k20172020
Benjamin Howden, Martyn Kirk, Deborah Williamson, Torsten Seemann and Nigel FrenchA new genomic frontier for
foodborne disease investigation
Kathryn North et al (including Andrew Lonie)
Preparing Australia for genomic medicine: a proposal by the Australian Genomics Health AllianceMRFF$25M20162021
Martyn Kirk, Dieter Bulach and Kathryn Glass Understanding the sources of Campylobacter in AustraliaNHMRC$558k20162019
Dieter Bulach, David McCarthy, Darren Cottam, Michèle Gourmelon and Toby Prosser Safe to swim with the bugs? From hazard identification to risk managementARC$435k20162020
Tim Stinear, Benjamin Howden, Sacha Pidot and Torsten Seemann New antibiotics from old microbesNHMRC$1.04M20162019
Daniel Park and Daniel BuchananA functional assay to classify genetic variants in Lynch syndromeNHMRC$376k20162017
Torsten Seemann, Benjamin Howden, Tim Stinear and Paul JohnsonDissecting the molecular basis for emerging alcohol tolerance in VRENHMRC$837k20152018
John Heath, Melissa Southey, John Hopper, Andrew Lonie, Daniel Park, Tu Nguyen-Dumont, Gillian Dite and Bernard PopeHigh risk genes for childhood cancer: using massively parallel sequencing to identify cancer susceptibilityCancer Australia$200k20142017
Daniel Park, David Goldgar, Bernard Pope, Tu Nguyen-Dumont and Andrew LonieMouse phenotype-driven breast cancer risk gene discoveryCancer Council Victoria$200k20142015
Daniel Park, Leonie Quinn, Melissa Southey, Tim Stinear and Graham TaylorMulti-sample DNA shearing systemFaculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences, University of Melbourne$11k20142014
Daniel Park and Bernard PopeMassively parallel sequencing and PCR optimised for DNA-based diagnosis and discoveryNHMRC$197k20122013