Delivering on the promise of Network Medicine: a UK, Austrian and Australian collaboration

Until we work out how to get a range of scientific disciplines all working together, just doing more science is not necessarily going to deliver on the... read article

SVI discovery takes us a step closer to treating the world’s most common female infection

Researchers at St Vincent’s Institute of Medical Research (SVI) in Melbourne in collaboration with scientists at the Bio21 Institute and the Victorian Life... read article

CLIMB UK adopts Australian-made Microbial Genomics Virtual Laboratory

CLIMB UK adopts Australian-made Microbial Genomics Virtual Laboratory and brings UK researchers one-step closer to a reliable turn-key bioinformatics... read article

Biologists and computer scientists combine in two Victorian Government projects to deliver quality outcomes for our health industry

Biologists sifting through piles of next generation sequencing data have a new tool now which eliminates one major step, thanks to the creation of UNDR... read article

VLSCI 2015 Annual Report

It is my pleasure to present here the VLSCI’s 2015 Annual Report. The Report demonstrates how our bioinformatics expertise and resources are... read article

March 2016 update – welcome to our new staff and our visitors

There has been plenty of activity with the arrival of Assoc Prof Vicky Schneider, our new Deputy Director of the EMBL-Australian Bioinformatics Resource,... read article

Announcing CloudBridge – making it even easier to do bioinformatics in the cloud

Australian bioinformaticians based at the VLSCI continue to contribute significant developments for the life sciences computing community around the world,... read article

Intensive training in Cancer Genomics and the Genome Analysis Tool Kit in Melbourne

Two of the latest instalments of Bioplatforms Australia training workshops have been held in Melbourne and Sydney in February. The GATK Best Practice course... read article

Report on Australian visit of Dr Niklas Blomberg, Director, ELIXIR

ELIXIR is EMBL-EBI’s initiative for data infrastructure for life science information. Director, Dr Niklas Blomberg, toured Australia in late 2015 as a... read article


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