Publication Prize for Peter Georgeson

The University of Melbourne’s Melbourne Medical School has awarded one of its prestigious Publication Prizes for 2022 to Peter Georgeson, a research fellow in the Colorectal Oncogenomics Group, Department of Clinical Pathology, and one of our PhD students, co-supervised with A/Prof Daniel Buchanan, head of the Colorectal Oncogenomics Group. These prizes recognise the quality of the research of the School’s early-career researchers and graduate research students, along with their skill in communicating the results of their research.

Peter, who only recently submitted his PhD thesis, won the Student Basic Scientist category for a recent Nature Communications paper on improving the detection and prediction of colorectal cancer using tumour mutational signatures, on which he was first author. ‘It is fantastic that the Melbourne Medical School has recognized the importance of this research,’ he said. ‘The opportunity to apply my bioinformatics expertise to a project with significant potential clinical impact has been both challenging and rewarding.’

Congratulations to Peter and his fellow awardees!