Another successful Advanced Neuroscience workshop in bioinformatics for the Melbourne Neuroscience PhD Program

Over July to October 2019, Dr Victoria Perreau delivered an extended, comprehensive bioinformatics workshop to support the Melbourne Neuroscience PhD program, which is a partnership between the University of Melbourne and the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health.

This workshop is one of the specialist advanced neuroscience workshops delivered for PhD students and it was delivered by Vicky for the 5th year running in 2019. Titled, Bioinformatics for Bench Scientists, this workshop consists of a series of 9 hands-on tutorials for researchers to  learn how to select and use of some of the many online datasets and resources which can advance their own research projects, including UCSC genome browsers, the Allen Brain atlas, single cell expression data and networks.  The workshop series culminates in a mini symposium, with students presenting their own resource implementation as developed for their research during the course. In 2019 these included:

Alice Whitehead, The Florey Institute
Supervisors: Ross Bathgate, Daniel Scott, Victoria Perreau

Relaxin family peptide receptor 1 is co-expressed with C11Orf87: investigating the interaction.

Josephine Wong, Department of Anatomy and Neuroscience
Supervisors: Erica Fletcher and Andrew Jobling

Immunosuppressive Property of Retinal Pigmented Epithelium Changes with Ageing

Yau Low, Murdoch Children Research Institute
Supervisors: Professor David Thorburn & Dr Ann Frazier

Expression of the ATAD3B gene across stem cell development and differentiation

Daniz Kooshavar, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute
Supervisors: Paul Lockhart, Richard Leventer, Kiymet Bozaoglu, David Amor

Gene prioritisation to investigate genetic basis of malformations of cortical development in a cohort of diagnostic exome-negative cases

Lucas Hoffman, The Florey Institute
Supervisors: Anthony Hannan, Terence Pang

Corticosterone-induced sperm miRNAs and their targets in 2-cell embryos

Shanshan Li, The Florey Institute
Supervisors: Prof Anthony Hannan and Dr Thibault Renoir

Investigation of methylation sites in the 3’UTR of Huntington gene transcripts.

Full program details.

Workshop survey outcomes.


In mid 2019 Vicky joined Melbourne Bioinformatics in the newly created role as Senior Research Fellow – Bioinformatics Training (Academic Specialist). The role recognises the unmet demand for bioinformatics skills across our Precinct. One of her first tasks has been the creation of the Parkville Bioinformatics Training Group, working with our colleagues at PeterMac and WEHI to bring together a program of bioinformatics training required today by any globally-focussed, life science research precinct.

Vicky invites anyone with ideas for bioinformatics training to contact her at