Galaxy update release 21.05 – use Galaxy in Spanish and more …

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The Galaxy Committers team is pleased to announce the release of Galaxy 21.05.

The release announcement for developers and admins can be found at and user facing release notes are at

A few release highlights are:
¡Galaxy, ahora en español!
Thanks to Wendi Bacon, the Spanish language translation of Galaxy has been
finalised and merged, so if you prefer to use Galaxy in Spanish, now you can!
This update will be part of an ongoing project from Spanish speakers within the
Galaxy community to keep the Galaxy interface localisation up to date,

and to produce some Spanish language training materials in the GTN.

Bugfixes and Stability

This release of Galaxy features fewer user-facing changes, as a huge amount of
developer time went into making this a maintenance release with better testing,
better stability, and more bugfixes.
But watch out, this is all in preparation for the next release of Galaxy, 21.09,
which will have some of the biggest changes in years!
New development stack
Galaxy release 21.09 will ship with a new web framework (fastAPI),
Celery task queue and process management using Circus.

You can preview this new stack now by running APP_WEBSERVER=dev ./

Celery for background tasks

Galaxy can now run certain tasks in the background. The Celery workers are
currently not required, but if activated can perform certain long-running tasks,
such as creating history export archives. Celery tasks will bridge the gap between
rapid requests that can be handled during a web request and jobs that require extensive
and relatively slow setup.More robust selection of job handlers

Job throughput can be increased by starting Galaxy with multiple external job
handler processes. Jobs were traditionally assigned to a job handler process
by the web handler or workflow handler process that created the job. Since
Release 19.01 Galaxy has supported additional mechanisms that use database
serialization techniques to let job handlers assign processes to themselves.
This mechanism is more robust and doesn’t require that all job handler
processes be alive and known by the web handler process. Galaxy now determines
the best method for assigning jobs based on the database in use, if the assignment
method is not set explicitly. Older job assignment methods will be removed in Galaxy
release 21.09. For more details see the Job Handler Assignment Methods section
of the Galaxy documentation.
Check out the full release notes for a lot more details, there are many more
enhancements, new visualizations and bugfixes as well as instructions for
upgrading your Galaxy installation.Thanks for using Galaxy!