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Job script generator for SLURM

This page generates job scripts for the SLURM resource manager. Enter the details of your job in the form below and then click on the make script button below.

Job Name
Project ID
Job Type
Single Core

Suitable for single CPU core jobs only (not parallel).

Multithreaded (SMP)

Suitable for shared-memory multithreaded jobs. Note these jobs cannot use more than one node and cannot use more cores than the number of cores on a node.


Suitable for distributed parallel jobs that use MPI. May use more than one cluster node.

Memory in Gigabytes

Send yourself an email when the job:

 starts running
 ends successfully
 ends with an error
Use this email address:

Run the job from:

The same directory where it is launched.
Your home directory.
The directory with this name:

Enter the modules that you would like to load:

The job script

Click on the button to make your script. If you change any of the values in the form above you can re-generate the script by clicking the button again.