Acceptable Use of Melbourne Bioinformatics facilities

Chief Investigators (CIs) must endeavour to request physical resources that reasonably reflect the needs of their team.

CIs must acknowledge that they and project team members will abide by the acceptable use policy for the Melbourne Bioinformatics resources. CIs and users nominated by them must agree to abide by the Information Infrastructure and Services Rules, as documented in Regulation 8.3.R2 of The University of Melbourne's Statutes & Regulations.

In addition to the University of Melbourne policy, the following must be observed:

University of Melbourne's Privacy Policy

Users must not share login accounts or let others know their passwords for Melbourne Bioinformatics resources access.

CIs must accept the responsibility for the acceptable use of the Melbourne Bioinformatics resources by team members.

Intellectual Property

There will be no impact on the intellectual property rights of researchers in their normal use of Melbourne Bioinformatics resources. Users requiring special support that might involve intellectual property will need to enter into an agreement for this support. This is dependent on the nature of the project undertaken and who is involved.

Data retention

While Melbourne Bioinformatics will make every effort to keep your data safe and secure, it cannot guarantee to do so. The following policies apply to data retention:

Use of Resources

Melbourne Bioinformatics will notify applicants of the outcome of their resource applications via email.

Users need to be aware that information about the level of activity of their account on the system may be observable by other users and that Melbourne Bioinformatics staff may monitor the contents of job scripts.

CPU hours will be allocated according to a fairshare system.

Approval from Host Institution

CIs must obtain approval from an authorised delegate of their host institution to indicate that resources are available at the institution to support the application.


Successful applicants are required to provide annual reports on research progress and outcomes.


Melbourne Bioinformatics Facility

CIs are required to ensure that Melbourne Bioinformatics is acknowledged in publications relating to the use of the Facility. The appropriate form of acknowledgement is determined by the level of contribution to the published work.

  1. If significant input of staff expertise has been provided authorship acknowledgement is expected with accompanying institution information:

    Melbourne Bioinformatics, The University of Melbourne, 700 Swanston St Carlton, VIC 3053, Australia.

  2. If Melbourne Bioinformatics resources are used:

    This research was supported by Melbourne Bioinformatics at the University of Melbourne, grant number [insert project ID, e.g. VR1234].

  3. If Melbourne Bioinformatics staff have contributed to research outcomes:

    This research was supported by Melbourne Bioinformatics at the University of Melbourne, Australia.

If you are unsure of the level of acknowledgement to use, please contact the Communications team.


While reasonable effort will be made to fully support projects granted allocations, as a result of scheduling, networking and other capacity issues, Melbourne Bioinformatics cannot guarantee that the allocations can be fully utilised.