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Getting Help

To submit a help request, send an email to the Melbourne Bioinformatics (formerly VLSCI) Help Desk.

The next section contains suggestions on what you should include in the message.

Tips for using the Help Tracking System

As this Help Tracking System covers many different services provided by Melbourne Bioinformatics, not all of these things will apply to your specific request. This list is particularly focused on technical problems relating to using the supercomputers, but don't let that stop you from using the system for other, non technical-matters.

  • Were you using a specific machine when you encountered a problem? Our clusters are called Barcoo and Snowy.
  • A copy and paste of any error message you see on screen is often helpful.
  • Including an outline of what you were doing or trying to do when the problem happened may put the issue in context.

Other sources of help

  • User Portal - If you have an account at Melbourne Bioinformatics, you may use the User Portal to change your account settings, submit reports, view usage and more.
  • Connecting to Melbourne Bioinformatics - Melbourne Bioinformatics has documentation for common tasks to do with logging on and using our clusters.
  • Telephone - you may, of course, phone us on any of the numbers listed on our Contacts Page.
  • In Person - you are more than welcome to drop in and have a chat or to really drill down on a particular problem. Generally a good idea to phone or email to check availability first. Similarly, we can call in on you if that's useful too.