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Command summary

Command Description
Control-c Interrupt (quit) the foreground job.
Control-z Suspend the foreground job.
awk Data extraction and reporting scripting language.
bg Send a job to the background.
cat Display the contents of a file.
cd Change directory.
chgrp Change the group of a file/directory.
chmod Change the permissions of a file/directory.
cp Copy a file/directory.
cut Remove sections from lines in a file.
date Display the date and time.
echo Print a string.
file Guess the type of a file.
find Search for files in a directory hierarchy using a pattern syntax.
fg Bring a background or suspended job to the foreground.
grep Search the contents of files.
groups Display the groups of a user.
gzip File compression (to make the file consume less space).
head Display the first few lines of a file.
history List your command history.
jobs List your active jobs.
kill Terminate a process.
less Display the contents of a file.
logout End your login session.
ls List the contents of a directory.
man Lookup the Unix manual.
mkdir Create a directory.
mv Move (rename) a file/directory.
nano Edit a file.
printenv Display your environment.
ps Show information about running processes.
pwd Print the working directory.
rm Remove one or more files.
rmdir Remove an empty directory.
scp Copy files between computers.
sed Tool for filtering and transforming text, similar to awk.
ssh Remote login to a computer.
sort Sort lines of text files based on defined fields in each line.
tar Store many files in a single archive.
top Show current running processes.
tr Translate or delete characters in a file.
uniq Report or omit repeated lines in a file.
wc Count the number of lines, words and characters in files.
which Search for a command in the path.