A range of institutions and programs subscribe to Melbourne Bioinformatics to gain direct access to both our expertise and systems to work on a range of community capacity building projects and large-scale research projects.

To discuss a subscription, submit a request to the Help Desk or contact our Director, Assoc Prof Andrew Lonie directly.

2017 Subscribers

Australian Genomics Health Alliance Dr Natalie Thorne
Australian Government Department of Defence (bioterrorism) Dr Tony Lau
Bioplatforms Australia (NCRIS-funded projects: RDS, ANDS, Nectar, GVL, ‘Omics platform, Biosciences Cloud) Andrew Gilbert
Cancer Council Victoria and University of Melbourne, Department of Pathology, Genetic Epidemiology Laboratory Prof Graham Giles, Prof Melissa Southey
Melbourne Genomics Health Alliance Assoc Prof Clara Gaff
Peter Doherty Institute, Centre for Applied Microbial Genomics & Microbial Diagnostic Unit Prof Ben Howden, Assoc Prof Tim Stinear
Royal Melbourne Hospital – Department of Surgery Prof Chris Hovens
Royal Women’s Hospital – Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology Prof Peter Rogers
St Vincent’s Hospital (Xenotransplantation) Prof Peter Cowan
University of Melbourne, Department of Microbiology and Immunology Assoc Prof Tim Stinear
University of Melbourne, Department of Pathology, Genetic Epidemiology Laboratory (Oncogenomics) Dr Dan Buchanan
University of Melbourne, DVC/Research and Faculties of Medicine, Engineering, Science and Veterinary and Agricultural Science. DVC/Research (Melbourne Bioinformatics Platform)
University of Melbourne, Faculty of Science (Teaching – Masters of Science (Bioinformatics) Prof Andrew Lonie, Course Coordinator
University of Melbourne, Faculty of Science, School of Biosciences Prof Ary Hoffmann
University of Melbourne, Microbiological Diagnostics Unit Prof Ben Howden
University of Melbourne, School of Population Health: Centre for Epidemiology & Biostatistics Prof John Hopper
Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, Stems Cells and Cancer Division Assoc Prof Clare Scott

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