Academics and industry may access our systems and services either directly as a paid-up member institution, by subscription (a very popular model where our bioinformaticians, with direct access to systems, collaborate on a range of projects), or via a formal contract. Capabilities include:

High-end computing

Access to High-end systems, with associated infrastructure, high-speed interconnects, technical support and account administration

High end computing procurement advice and consultancy, email Platform Lead, Andrew Isaac

Hosting and managing hardware, email Platform Lead, Andrew Isaac

Managing software stacks and licensing, with expertise in over 240 life sciences programs, from ‘ACG’ to ‘Zlib’, with technical staff available to install and troubleshoot on common and customised software via a responsive help ticket system

Managing user accounts

Life Science Computing Expertise

Subscriptions. For direct access to systems and expertise to rapidly progress infrastructure and research projects.

Expert Advice. Consult with over 35 expert bioinformaticians and high-end computing experts about grant content, research design, data analysis and management, system options and training.

Data Analysis and Management, a vital part of any research project in life sciences today.

Current Collaborations. See the range of Australian and international institutes who are currently working with us.

Software Development. Our bioinformaticians are leaders in their fields and active participants in many new programs designed to do better life science data analysis.

Platform Development. Our team is contracted to deliver a number of significant life science platform projects for State, Federal and international use.

Industry Collaborations. Directly and indirectly we engage with the life science industry on a range of research and informatics projects.

Comprehensive training – in-house, local and tailored training from System User Orientation to Advanced Bioinformatics.